Production Testing Equipment(JJM) Workshop(JJM) Mold Processing Equipment Inspection Equipment
01 Production Testing Equipment(JJM)
Machine Maker Model Quantity
High speed Press(40t) Yamada Dobby α-40Ⅱ 1
High speed Press(40t) Yamada Dobby MXM-40 1
Press(110t) China Bolun BLPA-110 1
Press(250t) China Bolun BLPE-250 1
Press(160t) China Bolun BLPA-160 1
Press(160t) China Bolun BLPC-160 1
Highspeed Press(125t) Taiwan Mingxun CHD-125T 1
Press(80t) China Aomate APR-80 1
Press(60t) China Bolun BLPA-60 1
Surface Grinder Taiwan Yuqing LSG-614S 1
Injection Molding Machine(50t) NISSEI PLASTIC NEX50T-5E 1
Injection Molding Machine(80t) NISSEI PLASTIC NEX80T-5E 1
Injection Molding Machine(80t) NISSEI PLASTIC NEX80T-9E 1
Injection Molding Machine(80t) NISSEI PLASTIC NEX80TⅢ-9E 1
Material Dryer MATSUI MJ3-25A 4
Mold Temp. Controller MATSUI GMCH-55A 4
Material Crusher MATSUI SMGL2-100A 4
Camera for Moulds Detection USHIO PE-500 4
Manipulator Arm YUSHIN HOP-C-550 4
Microscope NIKON MM-400 2
Profile Projector MITUTOYO PJ-H30 1
EDXRF Spectrometer Tian Rui EDX1800B 1
Terminal Detection Equipment - 2CCD 1
Image Dimension Measurement System KEYENCE LM1100 1
02 Workshop(JJM)
Press Workshop
Injection Workshop
03 Mold Processing Equipment

mold design, production and so on. ZJZ, JAM or outsourcing processing

EDM Electric Spark Machining
Low-Speed Wire Cutting Machining
CNC Milling Machine
Surface Grinder
04 Inspection Equipment
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