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Respected friends from all walks of life:

Our company was founded in April,2013. We are growing up with our customers as a maker which is developing advanced technology of terminals and connectors for electronic devices and automobiles.

Our dream is to contribute to the world with our products. We are striving the “ONLY ONE TECHNOLOGY “which is original.

We are keeping walking toward our goals as an experienced and professional team. We develop competitive technology in the world with confidence to satisfy the diversified needs of our customers.

The way we produce our products is what we are. For living on our production technology, training our staff and passing on our technology are also our primary goals.

Quality assurance and environmental protection are the necessary conditions of society contribution. Considering our products are used by various customers, quality assurance surely is our social responsibility.

We certificated IATF 16949 and ISO14001. We always take the responsibility of quality assurance and environmental protection for you and for all of us.


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