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Changxing J.J.M Electrical

Changxing J.J.M. Electrical Co., Ltd.  is an enterprise specializing in the production of terminals, connectors for automobile wire harnesses and various automotive electronic parts.

J.J.M. was co-founded on 2nd April 2013 by ZJZ United, Japan Automatic Machine and Shanghai M.Y. Electronic Technology with 20 million RMB registered capital, at No.666 Chenwang Road Changxing County Zhejiang Province.

Our infrastructure consists of 48 units of manufacturing and testing equipment such as Yamada Dobby high speed resses, Nissei Injection Machines, Nikon Microscope , Mitutoyo Profile Projector, EDXRF Spectrometer, etc.

J.J.M. has the production capacity of stamping and injection molding, which is suitable for the production of precise stamping products and injection molding products.

More than 80% of our products are used by the leading Japanese automobile manufacturers such as TOYOTA , NISSAN, HONDA globally.

Our team comprises of 53 professionals including 2 Japanese senior engineers and a 10 member R&D team (19% of the total staff). Through advanced Japanese technology and expertise, assured by IATF16949 ISO14000/9000 quality and environment management standards, we produce high quality at low cost, and give back to the society that way.

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