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  • since 2012
  • December, 2012

    initial preparation for the establishment of the company

  • April, 2013

    receive the establishment approval

  • From June to July, 2013

    construction of the plant

  • August, 2013

    Set-up production equipment (3 injection molding machines and 2 press machines)

  • January, 2014

    obtained ISO14001/9001 certification, added 1 injection molding machine

  • February, 2014

    obtained ISO/TS 16949-2009 certification

  • September, 2014

    started OEM production for Yazaki

  • October, 2014

    more press machines added (one press machine of 160t and one press machine of 110t)

  • June, 2018

    moved to the current workshop; one 125T high-speed press machine added

  • October, 2019

    one 160T large press machine added.

  • May, 2020

    one 60T small press machine added

  • June, 2021

    one 250T large press machine and one 80T press machine added.

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